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You love learning about your spirituality and playing with energy, but you sense something is holding you back from expanding into your next level of consciousness.

Darling, I know you want to understand your intuition on a deeper level and how it can help you navigate your world.

When you begin living in partnership with your soul-self your life expands. Synchronicity becomes abundant and good timing is divine.

The Universe constantly finds ways to show its love for you even more.

The result is transformational magic. Because true transformation is not about becoming something you’re not, it’s about becoming your truest, deepest, loveliest self. And when you operate aligned with your soul-self, your life becomes fulfilling on all levels—physical and spiritual.

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Join me in a private, sacred space

to unravel your path forward and make sense of your big or small, spiritual or practical questions.

You might have a big, deep, spiritual question, like, “What’s my soul’s purpose?” or “What is the meaning of life?”
Or maybe you have a specific question like “Why am I having these strange feelings during my meditations?” or “Why isn’t my intuition working?”

I’ll help you feel clarity, confidence, and relief.
Clients often say “Ahhh, yes. I see why this is happening—and I see all of the support and assistance that’s available to me.”

michele sammons who is seeker mentoring suited for?

Who is spiritual support suited for?

You could be a leader, a coach, a creative, a mom, or highly sensitive person. I often work with high-functioning women who are holding the mental and emotional load in so many spaces in their lives from family to work.

That means you get stuck in your THINKING brain a lot and slowing down and listening to your soul speak gets really challenging.

Or maybe you are receiving intuitive flashes here and there but are not sure how to accurately interpret them.

Still, you feel this strange guilt about not making enough time for your spiritual practice to tune into your soul-self. You shame yourself for not being devoted, disciplined, or better at the spiritual stuff. You crave time with your soul but haven’t made it a habit. It feels sporadic and unsteady.

I don’t believe there is one right way to spirit. There are many ways and they’re all beautiful. I’ll teach you how to find your way, without necessarily needing all the extra spiritual props. The simplest path is often the most effective. You’ll learn how to reunite with your soul-self and discover what I like to call your soul’s “love language” —the way your soul-self prefers to communicate with you. Receiving your soul’s guidance is easy and natural once you open the lines of communication.


“Our session changed my life.

Not only did your interpretations of what you saw give me clarity, it revealed a path to follow which I have been doing one step at a time. Life has continued to offer adventure, but so much has been released and changed within me that I now navigate life differently. Thank you for choosing to honor the pull in your heart to make the shift into this sacred area of work.”

– Connie Cruthirds, TN


“Your reading was incredible and it has already impacted me and my life greatly.

Your amazingly gifted, gentle soul was just what I needed. So delighted you honoured this path. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Kerryn Simmons, Australia

Your Options To Work With Me

1:1 6-Month Mentoring Package

We’ll meet for one session per month.

60 minutes each time.

These sessions are recorded for you so you can listen to them again and again.

In between sessions, you’ll have access to me via email for questions that pop up about your process.

My goal is to help you feel like, “Yes! Things are shifting. I’m seeing progress. Exciting things are happening. Things are flowing in the right direction!”


Sparkle Sessions – 1:1 60 Minute Session

From time to time, you might want a “spiritual check-in.” This is a confidential and sacred space to pour out your heart. You can share a question you’re struggling with, a decision you’re considering, or whatever else is on your mind.

My intention is for you to leave the reading feeling clear about your journey forward, feeling connected with your inner wisdom, and knowing how important you are to Source.



If I hire you, where will we meet? At your office? On the phone? On Skype? Somewhere else?

We’ll connect via Zoom.

Can you really read my energy over the phone or via email?

Yes! Energy is Universal. It is not subject to time and space.

What can I do to prepare for our time together?

Here are a few things you can do to get the most out of our time together…

Please make sure your environment is as quiet and calm as possible. Be sure you won’t be interrupted by your family, co-workers, pets, incoming emails, or texts.

A few minutes before we connect, it’s helpful for you to quiet your mind. You can take a few deep breaths, meditate, or spend a few moments outside in the fresh air.

You can bring a specific question to the conversation, or you can simply “show up” and let the session unfold.

After our conversation, give yourself a little time and space. Rather than immediately rushing along to your next task or appointment, allow yourself ten to thirty minutes to integrate everything we’ve discussed.

Can you predict the future?

I can take a look at what’s possible for you. I can also see your current trajectory, but the future is really up to you. You have the ability to shift your energy and shift your focus—that’s your innate creative power. Your future is carved out of what you decide to bring into your life.

Will our conversation be recorded?

Yes, I can record our conversation if you like! Some clients enjoy listening to the recording later to revisit what we’ve discussed and to refresh their memory.

Do you give medical advice?

No. I can look at a medical situation energetically, but my insights do not replace the advice of your body or your medical team.

What are your credentials?

I’ve honed my intuitive abilities over the course of many years—learning from mentors, learning through my own life experiences, taking classes to improve my skills, and through a great deal of practice!

I’ve completed several professional training programs—for instance, I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Soul Collage Facilitator, Certified Intuitive Arts Studio Practitioner, and Meditation Teacher.

How do you get your messages?
I receive messages in a variety of ways. I see visions. I feel energy and emotions in my body that are a reflection of you. I connect with guides who pass along information. And sometimes, I just “know things.”
I want to work with you! But I can’t afford to hire you right this moment.

That’s okay! Sign up for my free FLOURISH membership and you’ll receive lots of free, lovely things—including information on understanding your intuitive gifts, encouraging emails from me on spiritual topics, invitations to attend seasonal workshops, and more. Please enjoy all the free stuff, take good care of yourself and know that when you are ready I will be here. There’s no rush and no pressure.